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The Whistleblower Directive and the non-compliance of several Countries in Europe

The European Commission has denounced Spain and seven other countries before the Court of Justice of the European Union for not having transposed into their respective legal systems the Community directive to protect people who report violations of EU law.

Together with Spain, the Community Executive has also filed complaints against Germany, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg and Poland.

The deadline for incorporating the European regulations into national legislation was met in December 2021, and given the non-compliance of these countries, Brussels has decided to put the matter in the hands of the referenced Court, which will now have to determine if a fine should be imposed. to the eight countries that have not carried out the transposition of what is known as the Whistleblower Directive within the established period.

Brussels defends that the aforementioned Directive plays "a key role", since the protection covers whistleblowers who can alert about certain issues of "public interest", which can range from "environmental protection, public procurement, financial services, nuclear safety and product safety” to “protection of the Union's financial interests”.

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