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What is an Apud Acta in Spanish law?

The Pan-Hispanic Dictionary of Legal Spanish defines the Apud Acta as a "documented legal act of power of attorney through which a Procurator ( What is the role of the Procurators in oral judicial acts in Spanish Courts? ( ) is granted the power of representation in the process."

More specifically, the power of attorney Apud Acta is a power that allows the procurator to be given sufficient authority to legally represent a person before the court.

Two people are involved in an Apud Acta: the principal, that is, the person who gives the power to the agent to act on his behalf. And said agent, who will act on behalf of the principal.

The apud acta is formalized before the Justice Administration Lawyer, of any judicial office instead of before a Notary and unlike the notarial powers of attorney, the Apud Acta is only useful for the judicial procedure for which it is granted, since the power of attorney before the notary is valid for all instances and can be also used in other procedures.

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